4 Facts you should know about smoking

Smoking is one of the most common bad habits worldwide. If you are smoker, you may not suffer from it now, but the sure thing is that after years of smoking you will know that it was wrong. In addition to yourself, you are harming your family and your society and you may have no idea that you are doing this harm. Let’s explore how smoking is a disaster to humanity through the following points.

1. The prevalence of smoking:
Statics say that the number of deaths from smoking is 1 million people per year. It is expected that this number will be about 10 million per year in the next 25 years.
There are about 1 milliard and 100 million smokers worldwide and the percentage is increasing in the developing countries due to:
– Increase the percentage of female smokers.
– Starting smoking at early age.
These numbers are horrifying.

2. Factors affecting hazards of smoking:

There are several points that affect smoking and determine to what extent it will be bad.
– Form of smoking: Cigarettes id more risky than cigar and pipe.
– Age of starting to smoke: The earlier, the more risky.
– Period of continued smoking.
– Number of cigarettes per day.
– Quality of tobacco: The lower the quality, the more nicotine and tar.
These will determine how bad the hazards of smoking will be.

3. Hazards of Smoking:
Well, you probably have heard that smoking is killing you more than once but you don’t feel that it does anything. Let’s see what systems are affected by smoking to realize how damaging smoking is.
– Respiratory system: Diseases like emphysema and asthma are common among smokers. The danger of lung cancer is very high. Statics say that smoking is the main reason of 90% of lung cancer cases.
– Cardiovascular diseases: Chronic heart diseases are common among smokers.
– Gastro-intestinal diseases: smokers suffer from gastro-intestinal disturbance and heart burn all the time. Eventually, smokers have peptic ulcers. It is inevitable.
– Smoking increases the risk of abortion among pregnant females.
– Statics say that smoking is responsible for 30% of cases of cancer among the world, 90% of lung cancer, 75% of oral, laryngeal and esophageal cancers and about 40% of bladder and kidney cancers. These statics are disastrous.

4. Passive smoking:

If you are a smoker, your kids are smokers. Passive smoking means that non-smokers inhale smoke which is produced by smokers. The effects of passive smoking are as dangerous as actual smoking and they depend on several points:
– Extent of smoking: If the father and mother are smokers, it means more cigarettes, more smoke and more effects.
– The frequency of exposure to smoke and the duration non-smokers spends with smokers.
– Ventilation state of the place controlling smoking is a difficult process but it is so beneficial. Health education and programs that aware people of the hazards of smoking and how to quit are essential. Laws that prevent smoking in crowded places, hospitals and public places should be applied. Advertisements about the dangers of smoking and restriction of selling cigarettes to the young are also effective.
Choose to keep healthy and stop smoking.

Why Biovy’sArtemisiMAX is the LeadingSource for Artemisinin Extract

The myriad health benefits of sweet wormwood have been circling the internet for the past years. This traditional herb discovered in the early 1970s is said to support healthy inflammatory function and healthy response to bacteria.

The reason behind the medicinal properties of sweet wormwood is the chemical compound in the herb called artemisinin. Because of the pharmaceutical properties of this substance, many brands produced dietary supplements with this compound. And one of them is Biovy’sArtemisiMAX.

The ArtemisiMAX is unlike other artemisinin supplements. Discover what this product has to offer below.

Pure Extract

Biovy’sArtemisiMAX is the leading artemisinin supplement in the market today. It contains pure artemisinin extract from sweet wormwood. Each capsule of ArtemisiMAX has higher purity than competitors. Moreover, it is not distilled, which makes the formula stronger.

Potent Artemisinin Extract

This artemisinin supplement contains 98% pure artemisinin. It is higher compared to the sweet wormwood plant, which only contains about 0.3 to 0.5% of artemisinin. Thus, one capsule of this supplement is a hundred times stronger and potent compared to other options.

Wide Range Health Benefits

Since the ArtemisiMAX is stronger compared to distilled artemisinin extracts in the market, it is more effective. You can assure the supplement is effective. It can alleviate pain caused by osteoarthritis and other similar conditions. Moreover, you guarantee the supplement has more powerful anti-inflammatory properties, boosts energy, and enhances productivity.

Women who also experience a problem in their menstrual flow can rely on this supplement to correct their menstrual function. Additionally, the ArtemisiMAX promotes liver health, combats oxidative stress, and enhances joint health.

In a nutshell, the ArtemisiMAX supports overall wellness.

Natural Ingredients

Biovy is one of the leading brands of dietary supplements who value the health of their consumers. And to achieve that goal, Biovy assures their supplements have zero content that might trigger allergic reactions and disrupt medications.

Furthermore, this brand does not include animal products and gluten in manufacturing their supplements. You can ensure that ArtemisiMAX is a non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free product.

Safe to Use

If there is one thing that Biovy boasts, that is their healthy and safe products. The brand strictly follows FDA guidelines in formulating and manufacturing their supplements. Likewise, they comply with GMP standards in producing consumable products. They use advanced technology, with the help of certified professionals in this industry.

Easy to Purchase

The artemisinin extract is very accessible.  You can easily purchase artemisinin on Amazon. All you have to do is look for Biovy’sArtemisiMAX. The ArtemisiMAX available on Amazon is directly distributed by Biovy. With this, you can guarantee that the product you can see on this source is 100% authentic.


This option is the most budget-friendly potent artemisinin extract. And to save more money, you can get this product at a discounted price by using the coupon code indicated on its page at Amazon. If you buy more of this product, you can save five percent!


The ArtemisiMAX from Biovy is no doubt the leading option of dietary supplement that contains premium artemisinin HPLC. Purchasing this product is certainly worth it, especially in improving general health and well-being.

A Supplement to Boost a Person’s Energy

Others might not know this, but the brand VitaMonk has been creating a line of supplements which has reported to have impressive results. On the internet, people will see that this brand is one of the best brands available in the market today.

Among VitaMonk’s product, if people wanted to take a supplement that will help them get the energy they need and at the same time make their muscles recover easily from the fatigue after working out, they are highly suggested to invest in GlycoTrax, Premium Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine HCL.

A Supplement for Post and Pre-workout

When people are suggested to buy a supplement, first, it is understandable that they get a little skeptical about the brand and the effects of the supplement in general. With regards to VitaMonk’s supplements, they are really known to have one of the best effects in the body and it stands true to its promise to provide health benefits in every human body.

To those who are very fond of working out, there are just days where they feel like they don’t have the energy to perform their entire routine; or after working out, it takes a long time before their muscles can recover from working with the routine. The best solution is to invest in GlycoTrax, Premium Glycine Propionyl L-Carnitine HCL. People won’t have a difficulty trying to look for it online and wonder where to buy this supplement because they can buy it at Amazon.

This supplement is made up of natural products which are known to contribute different health benefits in one’s body like the following:

1. Cognitive Functioning. Those who have tried taking this supplement have reported that they observed that after a few days of taking this supplement, they noticed that their focus and how their mental processing have improved significantly.

2. Physical Functioning. The extra boost of energy this supplement provides has helped people, especially those who are into working out to perform every physical activity they need to perform effectively without feeling that they don’t have enough energy to perform such things. This is best for those people who are constantly busy and to those who get tired easily but wanted to go to the gym regularly.

3. An increase in Blood Flow. The reason why the muscles in the body get easily tired or why it feels numb sometimes is it doesn’t have enough oxygen supply due to poor blood flow in the body. If people wanted to work out and recover quickly, they are highly encouraged to invest in this supplement as it helps increase blood flow in the body; which means that the muscles in the body are assured that it will get enough oxygen supply to perform their everyday activities.

Although the supplement has several impressive health benefits, however, it is not meant to cure any diseases. To those who are already experiencing health issues, they are highly suggested to consult their doctors or a professional first to check their health before proceeding to take this supplement every day.

Mitochondria and Chronic Fatigue: Reasons Why You Need MitoTrax Supplement

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS can be considered as an unbearable disorder that is characterized by extreme tiredness or fatigue that even simple rest cannot eliminate this condition. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are 17-24 million people around the globe who are suffering from CFS. Unfortunately, even though CFS has been finally recognized as a psychological illness with real symptoms, not everyone is convinced nor have the idea that they are suffering from it already.

The CFS is considered as a long-term illness that comes with a wide range of symptoms, which may include the following:

•    Sleep disorders or problems
•    Joint and muscle pain
•    Problems or difficulty with remembering, thinking, and focusing
•    Headaches
•    Flu-like symptoms
•    Always feels tired and dizzy
•    Experiencing palpitations

However, the severity of the symptoms may depend on the environmental stressors and the individual’s ability to cope up.

What are the causes of CFS?

There are no known causes of CFS, but there had been theories that either one of the following factors can cause the condition.

•    Viral infection
•    Psychological stress, including depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma
•    Problems with the immune system
•    Hormonal imbalance
•    Gene

However, recently, there have been studies linking CFS and declined mitochondrial functions.

What is mitochondria?

Mitochondria are organelles that are found in every living cell inside the body, except the red blood cells. They are known as the “powerhouses of the cell” where it generally takes glucose and oxygen from the bloodstream and burnt to produce the energy needed by every cell.

In order for the entire body to survive in every day’s work, the mitochondria have to function well to produce energy that every cell need in order to function well too. However, if every mitochondrion inside the cell starts to decline (quality and activity), every cell in the body starts to lose its function causing various health problem including extreme chronic fatigue.

Does CFS have a cure?

CFS does not have an approved cure since its origin is still unknown; however, there are supplements that can help reduce or provide relief to CFS symptoms – supplements like Mitotrax.

MitoTrax is a mitochondrial support supplement that can help treat various mitochondrial problems and serves as a potent energy optimizer.

Why do you need MitoTrax?

If you are currently suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, below are the top two reasons why you have to start using MitoTrax:

  1.    MitoTrax contains high levels of four key ingredients:
  •    ALA – Alpha Lipoic Acid acts as one of those enzymatic “cofactor” which is essential for mitochondrial functions. Also, it acts as a potent antioxidant, helping to the body to eliminate cell-damaging free radicals, oxidative stress, and helps boost physical, mental, and emotional health.
  •    ALCAR – Acetyl-L Carnitine is an essential amino acid that plays a crucial role in energy production. Plus a high level of safe dose of ALCAR can act as a potent antioxidant too. Also, it helps restore mitochondrial functioning.
  1.    MitoTrax is an All-In-One Supplement

The mitochondrial support supplement is formulated with science to help people boost their energy, promote the healthy aging process, and helps you restore focus on your daily activities.

There are a lot of good reasons to use MitoTrax, especially for people who are suffering from CFS. All you need is to visit a reliable website to fully understand more about Vitamonk’s MitoTrax.

The Active Ingredients Found in Biovy’s Natrigon Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplements, also known as nutritional or natural supplements, are products that are now starting to make a name in the industry. They are related to the multivitamins or vitamins that we take to keep our body strong and healthy. The primary feature that differentiates them is that they are geared towards helping one or two particular conditions. That is the reason why some people question if these products can be alternatives to prescribed medications.

The thing is that dietary supplements, as the name implies, are just intended to “supplement” the body with nutrients that are lacking or low in number. They will be helpful in making sure that the release of certain compounds or the processes involved in their production is hastened. Hence, they are not yet approved by any facilitating bodies as therapeutic products.

On another note, one of the common supplements that you will find in the market is those that promise to help relieve pain. Once you look for a supplement as a natural pain relief on Amazon, you will notice that there are common but unknown ingredients amongst them. We have listed and discussed them briefly for you to have an idea.


Boswelliaserrat is a type of gum resin that is known by natives from where it is grown as Indian frankincense, salai, salaiguggul, or gajabhakshya. This has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and was later adapted in the Middle East and some tropical countries. The plant can be either burnt so that the aroma can be used for treatment or was also pounded and used as a medicine or concoction. Today, supplement manufacturers produce a powder out of it and incorporate it in their capsules.

As per the claims that it has capabilities to relieve pain, many experts relate such to the presence of the Boswellic acids. They are regarded as the powerful compounds that can inhibit enzymes that trigger the development of inflammation. That is the reason why some researchers have focused on its possible effects on people who have osteoarthritis (OA). Fortunately, some studies have shown that it can help lower the pain levels of OA sufferers within a period of one week of regular intake.


The extract of Cissusquadrangularis, also called devil’s backbone and veldt grape, is also found in many popular pain-relief supplements. It is a kind of perennial plant that is native to India and Sri Lanka and is common in the continents of Africa and Asia. As per the chemical analysis, it contains active compounds like carotenoids, triterpenoids, and several vitamins and minerals.

With that in regard, some experts claim that this has anti-inflammatory properties which make it as an aid in relieving inflammation and irritations related to hemorrhoid, menstrual cramp, and common bodily pains.

Final Words

Dietary supplements for pain might not yet be approved as pharmaceuticals but they can be helpful especially if they contain ingredients that have been studied well and those that have been used in the past. Thus, you must carefully evaluate each component and understand their effects.


Supplements for Nerve Pain

The nervous system is among the most overworked systems of the human body, even during sleep. In this case, there is a need to take really good care of them, along with the other parts of the body. When we talk about proper care, there should be a balance between different factors that can affect the health in general, which includes diet, certain physical activities, as well as the positive mindset and attitude. The diet is considered to be the most complicated factor to balance because there are lots of challenges and temptations. That is why smart eating is usually seen to be the most important part of taking good care of the body. Healthy eating habits can also be accompanied by additional support from nutritional supplements.


In order to achieve a healthy diet and have the best product for the nerves, it is important to learn about the supplements and nutrients that contribute greatly towards keeping the nervous system healthy. Most of them cannot be obtained regularly through the foods that they eat; however, a supplemental product can be a good support. Moreover, it is still highly recommended to consult a medical professional before religiously taking these supplements. Some of the products are designed to keep the nerves healthy while others are available to help provide relief from nerve pain. You can learn more about this supplement for nerve pain to learn more.


Potassium is a known element that can affect the normal electrochemical impulses from the nerve cells towards other cells of the human body. If available in necessary level and with the help of other electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium can help normalize or regulate abnormal signals from the nerves, thus preventing conditions like seizures and nerve pain.


The B vitamins, specifically the vitamin B12, are also important in keeping the nerves healthy and addressing problems like nerve pain. Vitamin B12 has the capacity to produce new cells, which would include minute nerve cells. This would allow the body to regenerate these cells through time, resulting to an intact and well nervous system in general. It is also the vitamin B12 that can support the tissue of protective layer, called the myelin sheath, of the nerves. This can prevent any damage and provides a chance for repair and rejuvenation.


Magnesium is another important element for the nerves and the system as a whole. According to a study, an adequate supplement of magnesium in the human body has shown a promising result. The synaptic functioning of the nerves as well as the capacity of the neurons to send signals have been significantly improved. With the continuous supplementation of magnesium, there is a chance that the nerves will be kept healthy or improved despite aging and stress.


Other nutrients for the nerves include the essential fatty acids, chamomile, and calcium. Most of these vital components to help the nervous system healthy can be found in some of the best nerve supplements being offered in the market nowadays. It would help to browse the internet and do further research.

Important Components of CFS Supplements

Fatigue is a feeling that each of us will experience at some point or our lives. That is because of the fact that we cannot balance our work or school and recreational activities. We tend to always focus on the tasks that we need to finish and the responsibilities that we are required to do. As such, we always forget that we always need to relax and spend a day or two doing nothing except enjoying a day in the beach, running in the park, window shopping, and the likes.

Unfortunately, there are people who feel totally exhausted or burnt out because they have been feeling tired for days and they were unable to manage the condition well. Instead of sleeping, they lie in the bed thinking of the next day and the work that needs to be done. Hence, they start to feel irritable, anxious, and moody. Most of the time, they even experience muscle pain and tension. Such are considered as signs of having a chronic fatigue syndrome. It is a kind of fatigue that has been present for a long time, specifically more than six months.

The reason why there are also physical symptoms is that the bodily functions are also disturbed once a person has CFS. With that in regard, the nutrients or compounds in the body will have abnormal or imbalance levels resulting to delayed physiological processes. Fortunately, there is a so-called chronic fatigue supplement that promises to help improve the levels of such compounds. This means that the body will be supplied with the necessary nutrients so that the organs can work efficiently and resolve the symptoms which can then help improve the condition.

However, when you start to buy this product, you must make sure that you have evaluated its components and at least contain any, some, or all of the following.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Coenzyme Q10, and L-arginine

These three substances are known to assist in increasing the production of natural glutathione which is helpful in removing products that are responsible for destroying cells in the body. In fact, some studies have shown that most individuals who have CFS have low levels of glutathione. In addition, the three important compounds are also responsible for enhancing the function of mitochondria and release of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which serves as the energy fuel of the body cells. As such, the cells will function more efficiently.

BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAAs are made up of three various types of amino acids namely valine, isoleucine, and leucine. They are the ones that are helpful in halting the delivery of amino acid tryptophan, a compound known to cause fatigue, to the blood.


As weird as it may sound, probiotics are ingredients that also play a good role in managing CFS. The hormone serotonin, popularly known as happy hormone, is stored in the gut. Hence, if the digestive system is healthy, the hormone is delivered to the system efficiently.

Final Words

CFS supplements can be helpful if the components are really geared towards helping the body produce the right compounds.

Using Natural Appetite Stimulants To Gain Weight Safely

The struggle to gain weight can be just as difficult as losing it. For some, it’s not a simple matter of adding more food on the plate. Sometimes the reason for their inability to add a few pounds is due to their uncooperative hormones. The hormonal imbalances in their body can cause the brain to wrongly signal the body that the stomach is already satiated. Or it could be a shortage of the hormone ghrelin wherein the body doesn’t have any interest in eating at all, no matter how mouthwatering the food.


Fortunately, there’s a way to get around the trouble of hormonal imbalances. Come to think of it, it’s not circumventing the problem but addresses directly. Since the problem is having less of the hormone responsible for stimulating appetite, an appetite stimulant does the work and covers for the scarcity of said hormone. But then again, using appetite stimulants is also a legitimate solution for people with normal hormone levels but could use all the help they can get in order to gain a considerable amount of weight.


An important thing to remember when choosing a brand of appetite stimulant supplement is to make sure it’s made up of natural ingredients. There are numerous advantages of natural supplements, which is why even those who started using synthetic appetite stimulants end up shifting to natural options.


One of the most notable advantages of natural appetite stimulants is that they are a lot safer to ingest than synthetic counterparts. This is mainly because it is less likely to cause unwanted reactions in the body. Or even locally in the digestive tract. In addition, natural ingredients can also be absorbed easily by the body, something that can’t be said about complex chemical compounds. This ultimately means that natural appetite stimulants won’t demand extra work for the digestive system.


Another compelling reason why natural appetite stimulants are leaps and bounds better than synthetic ones is that they are marginally cheaper. The slightly higher cost of synthetic appetite stimulants might seem irrelevant. But considering that they are going to be used for long periods, the amount saved in using natural options is pretty substantial.

With natural appetite stimulants being cheaper and safer, the takeaway is that they are overall the more sustainable option. The body won’t treat it as something invasive, which makes it a viable, regular thing to take on a daily basis. On the subject of cost, a person can save even more if they buy their supply in bulk. Discounted prices are typical for bulk purchases. Good thing that appetite suppressants aren’t something to hesitate about when it comes to buying several bottles at a time. After all, weight gain will take some time and it’s going to take several bottles before the goal weight is met.


Before placing an order, it’s only sensible to take advantage of the reviews and ratings on a merchant store. Customer feedback provides valuable insights because they are the perspective of people who have actually tested the product themselves. Consequently, it’s also sensible to leave reviews on products, especially if it works well. This helps other people in buying only products that actually work.


Improving Kidney Functions

The kidneys are among the most important organs of the human body. They are the ones that make sure that oxidants in the body are filtered and released out of the body in the form of urine. Basically, they cleanse the body with contaminants and other elements that may generally cause harm to any part of the human body. Damaged kidneys would be irreversible and their function as a filter would deteriorate, which can result to the increased number of pollutants in the body, causing additional damage to the heart, brain, and other parts of the body. That is why it is important to take really good care of our kidneys no matter what.


Other functions of the kidneys would include the stabilization of the levels of fluids in the body, regulation of the blood pressure, as well as the production of red blood cells through the erythropoietin that only the kidneys are capable of releasing. The intake of vitamins and other nutritional supplements can help maintain the good health of the kidneys and even further improve its capacity to do its functions. These nutrients can actually be obtained through a healthy diet but not all of them are available in every meal and in adequate amounts. Because of this, a person can opt for a kidney health supplement that contains the necessary nutrients for healthy kidneys.


The best kidney health supplement should generally contain natural ingredients aimed at keeping the kidneys healthy to maximize its potential. Among these nutrients are the B vitamins, such as the Vitamin B-12, also known as cobalamin. This particular B vitamin is water soluble and can help in a lot of aspects of the human body physiology, such as the production of red blood cells. When it comes to the kidneys, vitamin B-12 is said to carry the necessary oxygen and nutrients to the kidneys. It likewise helps in the repair of acute damages in the kidneys that are caused by oxidants and free radicals. There are some books that recommend the intake of at least 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12 on a daily basis to ensure healthy kidneys. Vitamin B-12 can be obtained from certain foods, such as corned beef, hard cheese and milk, beef liver, and some more. A kidney health supplement is another source of vitamin B-12.


In addition to B vitamins, the vitamin C is another important nutrient for kidneys. This particular vitamin generally helps strengthen the immune system and provides protection to the kidneys from any form of damages. It also plays a role in the repair of kidney damage and in the improvement of its functions. According to some sources, a gram of vitamin C taken daily can help improve the kidneys’ health and functions.


Other vitamins you should try to look for are E and D, which are both fat-soluble. They both have the capacity to keep the kidneys healthy in many ways. For more details about the vitamins that can help the kidneys, you can browse the internet.

Appetite Suppressants for Effective Weight Loss

For a lot of people, losing excess weight is a complicated and seemingly impossible problem. In fact, some have already accepted defeat in changing themselves that they are now trying to change the world. Instead of losing their layer of fatty tissues, they are pushing for the acceptance of obesity as an alternative, if not a more attractive standard of beauty. But it’s not only about looking attractive that makes weight loss a priority. Health is, truth be told, a more compelling reason. Sadly, even the perspective of healthy physique through healthy weight ranges is now under attack by the same group of defeatists who have embraced fat acceptance. If only they realize that they’re better off being fit to be able to embrace people in their lives who matter.


Losing excess fat tissue is actually a simple concept. It’s a basic application of thermodynamics. Make energy expenditure larger than intake. This deficit will force the body to tap into its energy reserves – which happen to be the fatty tissues that surround the muscles and organs. But how can something so simple be so hard to do? Mainly for one big reason: food tastes good. Not only that, but food being easy to prepare removes a layer of complexity to preparation and people will find more opportunities to it. After all, all it takes to chomp on a snack these days is to tear open a wrapper. Even dinner preparation can be completed by placing an order on a website or calling in for a pizza or two. Add this convenience to the fact that manufactured food is designed to be as addicting as possible then we have a recipe for a disaster of overweight proportions.


Out of the many ways to eliminate extra energy stores (yes, fat) in the body, it has been considered that the most practical method of saying no to food is to take appetite suppressants. Logically, it’s the most straightforward approach to the problem as it helps an individual feel less compelled to stuff their mouth with food. After all, it’s the tongue that keeps urging the body to eat more. Even the stomach doesn’t want that excess food inside it. Appetite suppressants that have ingredients that affect satiety and suppression of actual hunger hormones are typically the best option.


What really makes it difficult to start using appetite suppressant to lose weight is that there are so many options available. And the fact that most of them are peddling false promises and, well, empty ingredients. Thankfully, with the help of the Internet, it’s now easier to sift through unreliable products, appetite suppressants included. First-time buyers are advised to read reviews instead of testing one brand after another. Also, buying one of the most popular appetite suppressant Amazon and other reputable online stores has to offer can be a good idea because it’s indicative of the trust that most buyers put on the brand as well as the store itself. Though regardless of brand popularity, reading reviews is considered to be a necessary step in buying anything these days.

Two Common Health Conditions Concerning Dog Health and Aging


Dogs are man’s best friend. For most dog lovers, these canines pledge their loyalty to their owner until their last breath. There is no great substitute for the gift that dogs give to their owners, which is true friendship and faithfulness. When people get older and face different struggles in life, their canine friends will stay loyal until the end.


Dog health and aging talks about the different possible health conditions that may be acquired by dogs as they get older. Basically, most dog owners often forget or simply ignore observing dog’s health. Here are two common health conditions concerning dog health and aging:


Nuclear Sclerosis


Also known as “milky eyes”, this condition is characterized by a cloudy, bluish-gray appearance on the pupils of an older dog’s eyes. This shouldn’t be confused with cataracts because unlike cataracts, nuclear sclerosis is considered a normal change occurring in the lens of middle-aged and older dogs. It doesn’t cause vision impairment, but according to studies, dogs may have a harder time focusing its eyes on something because of this.


You can prevent it by giving your dog supplements to slow down the effects of changes that occur with age. The liver of dogs, for one, is one of the organs that must be taken care of, and you can do this by giving your dog milk thistle, a plant that supports healthy liver function. Now if you’re wondering, “can dogs take milk thistle“, the answer is yes, especially now that there are organically-made capsules of such specifically for dogs.




One out of five dogs may experience osteoarthritis, which is very common among older canines. Arthritis is a condition that affects the different joints dogs have as manifested by joint pain, stiffness and a different degree of non-movement.


This condition will most likely to happen early in the morning, waking up after a nap and may worsen if the environment they are in is cold. With that said; arthritis in dogs is progressive and is incurable. This means that the degenerative joint disease may shorten the dog’s life.


However, there are medications that can help prolong and improve the dog’s life. Treatment involves weight monitoring, physical therapy, taking medication for pain and medication that can improve joint function to prevent further damage.


Understanding the true bond between canine and its master is truly remarkable. However, when the dogs are getting older and face different health problems, will you, as the master stay loyal and accompany your best bud until the very end?