4 Facts you should know about smoking

Smoking is one of the most common bad habits worldwide. If you are smoker, you may not suffer from it now, but the sure thing is that after years of smoking you will know that it was wrong. In addition to yourself, you are harming your family and your society and you may have no idea that you are doing this harm. Let’s explore how smoking is a disaster to humanity through the following points.

1. The prevalence of smoking:
Statics say that the number of deaths from smoking is 1 million people per year. It is expected that this number will be about 10 million per year in the next 25 years.
There are about 1 milliard and 100 million smokers worldwide and the percentage is increasing in the developing countries due to:
– Increase the percentage of female smokers.
– Starting smoking at early age.
These numbers are horrifying.

2. Factors affecting hazards of smoking:

There are several points that affect smoking and determine to what extent it will be bad.
– Form of smoking: Cigarettes id more risky than cigar and pipe.
– Age of starting to smoke: The earlier, the more risky.
– Period of continued smoking.
– Number of cigarettes per day.
– Quality of tobacco: The lower the quality, the more nicotine and tar.
These will determine how bad the hazards of smoking will be.

3. Hazards of Smoking:
Well, you probably have heard that smoking is killing you more than once but you don’t feel that it does anything. Let’s see what systems are affected by smoking to realize how damaging smoking is.
– Respiratory system: Diseases like emphysema and asthma are common among smokers. The danger of lung cancer is very high. Statics say that smoking is the main reason of 90% of lung cancer cases.
– Cardiovascular diseases: Chronic heart diseases are common among smokers.
– Gastro-intestinal diseases: smokers suffer from gastro-intestinal disturbance and heart burn all the time. Eventually, smokers have peptic ulcers. It is inevitable.
– Smoking increases the risk of abortion among pregnant females.
– Statics say that smoking is responsible for 30% of cases of cancer among the world, 90% of lung cancer, 75% of oral, laryngeal and esophageal cancers and about 40% of bladder and kidney cancers. These statics are disastrous.

4. Passive smoking:

If you are a smoker, your kids are smokers. Passive smoking means that non-smokers inhale smoke which is produced by smokers. The effects of passive smoking are as dangerous as actual smoking and they depend on several points:
– Extent of smoking: If the father and mother are smokers, it means more cigarettes, more smoke and more effects.
– The frequency of exposure to smoke and the duration non-smokers spends with smokers.
– Ventilation state of the place controlling smoking is a difficult process but it is so beneficial. Health education and programs that aware people of the hazards of smoking and how to quit are essential. Laws that prevent smoking in crowded places, hospitals and public places should be applied. Advertisements about the dangers of smoking and restriction of selling cigarettes to the young are also effective.
Choose to keep healthy and stop smoking.

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