4 key points you should know about the best school health program

School health is so important. Our kids spend nearly all the time form the age of 6 till the age of 18 in school. They are subjected to infectious diseases and they undergo the stresses and strains of growth and development physically and mentally during this age. That is why there are school health programs to make sure that our kids will grow up properly. Let’s see some of the key points that should be considered in any school health program to achieve its goals.

1. Healthful school environment:
There are different items of physical environment to be considered:
– Site and area of school should be away from noise, bad odor and pollution, easily to be reached by students from the entire area that it serves and away from street about 20 meters.
– Sanitary regulation of school building as the building material should be resistant to fire and heavy rainfalls and the building should fulfill the requirements of school especially the standard of ventilation and illumination.
– Sanitary regulation of classroom: the classroom should be rectangular with proper space for each student. The classroom furniture should be comfortable.

2. School feeding program:
Schools should take certain measures to attain and maintain the highest level of health that include:
– Nutrition education about basic nutrients and adequate diet, importance of breakfast, avoidance too many sweets and good habits in relation to food sanitation.
– The child’s school meal should be balanced. This means that it should contain some energy-giving staple food, some body building protein and some protective food.
– Management of malnourished children.
– Growth monitoring for early detection of malnutrition.

3. Healthful school day:

There are some factors that should be considered to make the children comfortable and safe and permit them to learn efficiently:
– Educational aspect:
The hours allowed for school lessons and homework should not encroach on the child needs for sleep and personal life. The schedule of the day should be well-organized; it is known that difficult subjects should be studied when mind is fresh and free of fatigue.
– Emotional schools environment:
Human interrelationship is important during the hours of living in the classroom.

4. Accidents:
Accidents related to schools are so common for many reasons:
– Bad environmental conditions of school.
– Overcrowding.
– Unsuitable site of school.
– Desire to win in competition.
In order to prevent these accidents the safety measures at school and its surroundings should be fulfilled and teaches should supervise children during classes and their play.
Also there should be providence of first aid if the accidents happen, availability of an ambulance for emergency cases and notifying the parents if kids are uncontrollable.

An effective school health program is the best investment ever. It is about the present and the future of the whole nation so if you are in charge of making a school health program or you are just a parent who wants the best for your kids, make sure that your program covers everything and pay whatever it will cost. You will pay money now to get a bright future.

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