5 Supplements needed by vegans to maintain their health

Vegan lifestyle is one of the most rapid lifestyles growing nowadays. It is beneficial in many ways buy yet there are certain nutrients that need to be taken from the non-vegan products. That is why there are vegan supplements to compensate these elements. Let’s see the top supplements needed by vegans to maintain their health lifestyle.

1. Vitamin B12:
If you are vegan, you probably have this conversation many times that vegan lifestyle does not provide the body with vitamin B12. It is the supplement that should be taken constantly by vegans.
Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to serious complications like Anemia, general weakness, Balance problems and tingling and numbness of feet and hands.
Vitamin B12 is essential in keeping health in vegan lifestyle.

2. Vitamin D2:

The dietary sources of vitamin D are only from animal sources like egg yolk, liver, sardine and salmon. There are no-dietary sources like exposure to ultraviolet rays, fortified foods and cod liver oil preparations but in vegan lifestyle these things may not be used especially if you work in an office or something.
Rickets, bone problems and secondary hyperthyroidism are the top health problems due to deficiency of vitamin D.
When you are about to choose your supplement don’t choose Vitamin D3 that is extracted from animal sources. Choose vitamin D2, it is vegan friendly and as effective as vitamin D3.


3. Omega-3:
If you have a heart disease or you are afraid of developing a heart disease, the vegan lifestyle is suitable for you. Studies say that if you are not aware of the level of vitamin B12 and the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 in your body, you may develop a heart disease as the meat eaters.
Vegans usually have a high ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3, that why Omega 3 supplements is essential for vegans.

4. Quercetin:
One of the most amazing supplements which is derived completely from plant sources. It has a lot of benefits including:
– It has anti-oxidant effect.
– It supports endurance and energy.
– It lowers the level of cholesterol so it is great for the cardiovascular health.
– It has anti-inflammatory effect so it is amazing for the immune system.

5. Zinc:

Well, we can’t say for sure that vegans need zinc in their diet or not. If your vegan lifestyle is ideal, then you need zinc supplements. If you eat the vegan-friendly products like pies and crisps, then you don’t need zinc supplements.
Our bodies can’t synthesize zinc and that is why it is extremely important to take it in our diet.
The importance of zinc is that it is essential for immune system. It also plays a major role in cell growth, cell division and healing of wounds.
The daily intake of zinc for adult man should be about 11mg and for adult woman should be 8mg. If your vegan lifestyle is ideal, consider taking zinc as a supplement.

Supplements are a major concern for vegans. They idea of being a vegan is mainly to maintain your health so don’t risk that by ignoring knowing everything about the supplements you need to maintain your health.

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