Why Biovy’sArtemisiMAX is the LeadingSource for Artemisinin Extract

The myriad health benefits of sweet wormwood have been circling the internet for the past years. This traditional herb discovered in the early 1970s is said to support healthy inflammatory function and healthy response to bacteria.

The reason behind the medicinal properties of sweet wormwood is the chemical compound in the herb called artemisinin. Because of the pharmaceutical properties of this substance, many brands produced dietary supplements with this compound. And one of them is Biovy’sArtemisiMAX.

The ArtemisiMAX is unlike other artemisinin supplements. Discover what this product has to offer below.

Pure Extract

Biovy’sArtemisiMAX is the leading artemisinin supplement in the market today. It contains pure artemisinin extract from sweet wormwood. Each capsule of ArtemisiMAX has higher purity than competitors. Moreover, it is not distilled, which makes the formula stronger.

Potent Artemisinin Extract

This artemisinin supplement contains 98% pure artemisinin. It is higher compared to the sweet wormwood plant, which only contains about 0.3 to 0.5% of artemisinin. Thus, one capsule of this supplement is a hundred times stronger and potent compared to other options.

Wide Range Health Benefits

Since the ArtemisiMAX is stronger compared to distilled artemisinin extracts in the market, it is more effective. You can assure the supplement is effective. It can alleviate pain caused by osteoarthritis and other similar conditions. Moreover, you guarantee the supplement has more powerful anti-inflammatory properties, boosts energy, and enhances productivity.

Women who also experience a problem in their menstrual flow can rely on this supplement to correct their menstrual function. Additionally, the ArtemisiMAX promotes liver health, combats oxidative stress, and enhances joint health.

In a nutshell, the ArtemisiMAX supports overall wellness.

Natural Ingredients

Biovy is one of the leading brands of dietary supplements who value the health of their consumers. And to achieve that goal, Biovy assures their supplements have zero content that might trigger allergic reactions and disrupt medications.

Furthermore, this brand does not include animal products and gluten in manufacturing their supplements. You can ensure that ArtemisiMAX is a non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free product.

Safe to Use

If there is one thing that Biovy boasts, that is their healthy and safe products. The brand strictly follows FDA guidelines in formulating and manufacturing their supplements. Likewise, they comply with GMP standards in producing consumable products. They use advanced technology, with the help of certified professionals in this industry.

Easy to Purchase

The artemisinin extract is very accessible.  You can easily purchase artemisinin on Amazon. All you have to do is look for Biovy’sArtemisiMAX. The ArtemisiMAX available on Amazon is directly distributed by Biovy. With this, you can guarantee that the product you can see on this source is 100% authentic.


This option is the most budget-friendly potent artemisinin extract. And to save more money, you can get this product at a discounted price by using the coupon code indicated on its page at Amazon. If you buy more of this product, you can save five percent!


The ArtemisiMAX from Biovy is no doubt the leading option of dietary supplement that contains premium artemisinin HPLC. Purchasing this product is certainly worth it, especially in improving general health and well-being.