Health Guidelines for Athletes: What Causes Cramps and How to Avoid It

Playing sports is the life of athletes. They would totally lose their career without their skills, sharp mind and healthy body. For this reason, athletes follow a strict lifestyle. It is important that they feed their body with nutritious diet and have a regular exercise. Inserting an ounce of unhealthy practices such as vices or neglect in their diet is a big no. If they let themselves succumb to an unhealthy lifestyle, it is as if they have declared retiring on their career. Albeit the devotion they give in preserving their physique, there are certain circumstances that they can’t avoid such as having cramps. Cramps are the one great big enemy of athletes, aside from their rivals. Experiencing it while on a game can cut off their stellar performance and turn it upside down. That is why most athletes do everything they can to prevent themselves from having cramps while playing a game.

What is Cramps?

Cramp is the sudden contraction of muscles. This involuntary spasm leads to a loss of function of a particular muscle group or a muscle which is the reason why cramps are commonly referred as temporary muscle paralysis. Cramps can be very painful and can take a while to ease the pain. The main precursor of this condition is the lack of blood flow to a certain muscle area. Also, overexertion and repetitive use of a muscle group can lead to cramps. When a person experiences this condition, the blood vessels surrounding the muscles narrow, limiting blood flow in that area. Remember that blood carries oxygen which the body requires to function. Therefore, a limited flow of blood can lead to paralysis and loss of function which is experienced in cramps.

How to Avoid Cramps?

Are you an athlete seeking for a way to prevent yourself from having cramps all the time especially during your game? Avoiding cramps requires determination on your part. Always follow your healthy diet, particularly eat a good amount of protein to enhance the carnitine levels in your body and never skip your exercise routines. Carnitine specifically Propionyl- L- carnitine plays a major role in keeping your blood evenly distributed in various parts of your body. This substance supports the production of nitric oxide in your blood. The nitric oxide opens up your blood vessels to allow blood to pass through. Thus, by adding propionyl- L- carnitine in your diet you can avoid the occurrence of cramps. In addition to the benefit of propionyl- L- carnitine, this substance can also help you to have a better focus on the game and increases your motivation. Moreover, this compound can boost your libido, which means you will have a better sex life than before!

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