Healthy Lifestyle Is Key to Preventing and Managing Arthritis

The modern lifestyle and the western dietary habits are taking a heavy toll on the health of the joints of this generation’s people. The wear and tear of the joints are getting faster than usual. The age of people getting affected by arthritis is also getting younger. Despite the benefits of modern medicine, arthritis has not been thoroughly controlled, unlike other disorders. Noticeably though, clean living or healthy lifestyle is showing potentials to manage arthritis better.

How can you best prevent or manage arthritis? There is no simple answer because there are over a hundred known types of arthritis. However, there are certain guiding principles that you can embrace.

  • Know more about arthritis.

While arthritis is not completely understood, modern medicine knows enough for you to be able to manage your symptoms. One of the most important things you must remember is that osteoarthritis and its symptoms can be delayed or prevented from progressing. It is important to understand the causes of the pain to manage it better. Find out about the different treatments from homeopathic to invasive surgeries.

  • Get into regular exercise.


Overweight people have a higher risk for arthritis as the joints are excessively forced to carry the brunt. Thus, falling into a regular physical activity for weight management can help in reducing the wear and tear of the joints. Think of activities that you enjoy and can do with regularity. Join community sports programs that let you meet other people your age or those with arthritis problems to keep your energy and motivation level up.

  • Find ways to keep your joints healthy.

Regardless of your work and preoccupations, there are ways to be kind to your joints. Avoid wearing high heels, know how to carry loads properly, rest your wrists when doing office or computer work, drink milk and those foods that support strong bones, and manage your weight. These are just a few; there are more tips to keep your joints healthy. Learn about them and have the resolve to stick to a healthy lifestyle. You could also take cissus supplement that contains cissus extract, which, aside from relieving joint pains, is known to boost bone strength and make the joints stronger.

  • Eat well.

You are what you eat. The health of your bones depends on what you put in your mouth. Make sure that you get what you your bones to stay strong and healthy – Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and calcium. Overall health also supports a strong musculoskeletal system. Thus, a good balanced meal is ideal.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking enough water every day.

Remember that water constitutes about 70 percent of the cartilages in joints. To support the cartilage structure and function, keep them lubricated by getting at least eight glasses water a day.

  • Avoid fattening foods.

Any food that can lead to weight gain must be limited or eliminated from the diet. These include red meat, fried foods, and foods laden with excessive sodium, sugar, and fats. Instead, eat more fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes, and seeds.

The best way to manage arthritis is to live a healthy life. This also helps you achieve overall wellness that helps you stay away from other age-related medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases. Aging cannot be prevented, but growing old healthy can let you enjoy old age gracefully and happily.