Four Natural Ingredients That Help Treat Overactive Bladders

An overactive bladder might sound like a trivial problem for those who don’t have it. In fact, some even make fun of the issue. The need to go to the bathroom more often than usual deviates from normalcy and this deviation is what makes it amusing for some people. But the truth is that it’s not a laughing matter. Frequent urination is inconvenient and inhibits some activities that people who have this problem could have done otherwise. One compelling example is to be able to enjoy the entire length of a movie in the theater. A couple of minutes of bathroom breaks cuts the momentum and removes the context and flow of the movie.

The best way to address an overactive bladder is to treat it from different angles. Lifestyle changes like avoiding coffee and alcohol as much as possible in one example. But one important part of treatment is to take supplements that directly address the issue at hand. Natural ingredients are recommended over synthetic drugs due to the fact that a lot of synthetic drugs have byproducts that pass through the urinary tract. Here are four of the best natural ingredients that a person with overactive bladders should go for.

  1. Pumpkin seed.

A handful of people just can’t help but munch on pumpkin seeds. Turns out, pumpkin seeds are amazing in controlling overactive bladders, especially during night-time. A person who takes sufficient pumpkin seed extract as a supplementation can expect to have fewer inconveniences due to night-time urination. Over time, one can expect to have uninterrupted sleep until their alarm clock wakes them up. Munching on pumpkin seeds has its benefits, but taking extracts amps up the benefits to a noticeable effect.

  1. Cornsilk extract.

Who would have thought that the seemingly useless hair on top of the corn is actually a great urinary tract medicine? Sure, it feels nothing like silk but the benefits one can expect from taking its extract can definitely say that it’s as luxurious of an item as silk, though not as expensive. Cornsilk extract not only regulates an overactive bladder but also tends to a plethora of kidney and bladder issues.

  1. Saw palmetto.

The extract of saw palmetto shows numerous benefits health-wise. But one of its most potent effects is the fact that it directly addresses overactive bladders. This unassuming berry is widely known for this effect. Like pumpkin seed, a person who takes the extract of saw palmetto can expect less panicky trips to the bathroom or fewer trips to the bathroom for that matter.

  1. Buchu leaf extract.

Like corn silk, buchu leaf is best taken into the body in its extracted essence rather than its raw form. Also similar to corn silk is its capability to address numerous urinary tract issues, most notably urinary tract infection (UTI) and kidney infection. Interestingly, it’s also widely used as a treatment for some types of STDs.

Taking these four together with proper timing is cumbersome, to say the least. The good news is that some brands of supplements have these four together as primary ingredients. In fact, the best bladder control supplement Amazon has to offer is none other than the brand that has all of these ingredients together.